200 Word RPG 2016

200 Word RPG Challenge 2016

Participation en anglais (approximatif...) pour un concours de création de jeu de rôles en 200 mots.


La première participation est une version ultra simplifiée de Become the Media en narration partagée, la seconde participation est une idée de support Puzzle pour des jeux de rôles d'investigation.

Find the Truth about an investigation news article in 6 steps.

Select an article about a pending case/current investigation (unsolved) in the daily press.

Each player create a character who seeks the Truth about this pending case (journalist, family, victim, activist, …)

Each player gets 3 token. - Contact (someone who can help) - Skill (something you know) - Resource (a moment when you surpass yourself)

The first player tell a new trail leading to a part of the Truth.

He trows a D6. The first roll must make a 1, the second a 2 and so on up to 6.

- If it's the right score, the active player tell the progress of the investigation. - Otherwise he must fill the gap between the result on the dice and the reached score, by spending 1 token by 2 points difference and telling how each token help him to continue on this track. - OR he can leave the track and pass.

The active player write on a paper, one or two simple sentences to explain how they find some Truth elements. Then it's the next player turn.

When the article is completed, choose a title and the game is over.

Puzzle for Investigation Game

Bring a puzzle game for children that you won't regret or create a simple one (15-20 pieces).

Compose a final picture for your scenario investigation. It can be an element appearing in the scenario or a background element (a landscape, a portrait, a letter, a personal photo etc.). This will be shown in the puzzle at the end of the game and should give a special touch to the story (nostalgia, secret, surprise, sadness etc.).

Print this picture (with or without caption) to your puzzle size. Cut and glue the picture onto the puzzle. Carefully cut each piece so that you can completely undo the puzzle.

Divide all the puzzle pieces between the different evidences of your story.

When the players discover these evidences give them the pieces face down.

To them build the puzzle face down during the game through the elements they get. If they do not find any, the puzzle will not be complete.

At the end of the game the players cautiously return the puzzle and discover his secret.
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